Argentine Style BBQ Beef Dinner

17 May
Argentine Style BBQ Beef Dinner
Gather around our pool with us next Tuesday, May 23 at 6pm for an Argentine style BBQ dinner that will be served family style. You’ll have the opportunity to roam and interact with the chef as the meat is being prepared. Our Executive Chef, Regan, will also be speaking about the butcher, the different cuts of meat, how to cook them, and how to purchase them. It is a unique dinner that you will not want to miss!

What exactly is Argentine style BBQ?

Argentine style BBQ, otherwise known as “asado”, is meat that is slow cooked over coals or wood embers. The meat is usually seasoned with only salt and pepper prior to grilling with fresh sprigs of herbs tossed into the coals to add flavor. Savory sauces, like chimichurri, is added once the meat is ready to be served.

The beef that will be used from this event is locally bred and raised in Wagener, South Carolina. Antibiotic and hormone free, the cattle are fed only the finest grasses and legume alfalfa hay, as well as a variety of high-end horse feeds. The Black Angus beef is aged 28 days for a prime steak experience.

If you want to experience Argentine style BBQ at this unique dinner, please be sure to purchase your ticket today! We will be limiting this event to 40 guests.

We’ll see you poolside on Tuesday evening!
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