What better way to spend a late summer evening than cooling off in our lobby with a group of friends completing a jigsaw puzzle and sipping on a signature cocktail named in its honor? And not just any puzzle – a handcrafted wooden puzzle that can reach a $6,000 price tag. Here at the Willcox, we value our relationship with the Stave Puzzle Company and are in awe, as well as our guests, at the luxurious, unique, devilish fun they create. Here are a few fun facts about the puzzles and why you should come try to complete one, especially in August:

  • Each wooden jigsaw puzzle is meticulously hand-cut, one piece at a time, by a skilled crafter in Vermont.
  • No picture comes with the puzzles – just a little blue box filled with the pieces.
  • Stave puzzle images range from Monet and Renoir paintings to 3D baseball stadiums and magical underwater ecosystems. We have 8 various puzzles available for guests on Sunday evenings.

The thought of sitting down, slowing down and kindling friendships over such a nostalgic pastime is something we’re passionate about. That’s why we’re offering a unique proposition: If you complete a Stave Puzzle here at The Willcox in our lobby on a Sunday night in August, you get to stay that night FOR FREE!

So grab a group of friends, we’ll whip up our Stave Puzzle cocktail complete with pineapple vodka, peach schnapps and Blue Curacao float (it stacks like a puzzle), and enjoy your night of puzzling! We hope you’ll be the lucky one to stay with us!

Henry-StaveDon’t forget: To thank you for puzzling with Stave on your visit to The Willcox, Stave will send you a complimentary 20 piece puzzle of The Willcox when you complete their request for a catalog postcard.  Ask us at the front desk how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

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cans with peach compote made at homeWhen you think of pickling, the South automatically comes to mind. Eggs, Cucumbers, Onions, Vegetables, and Fruit are items that you might have experienced firsthand as your grandmother’s taste tester growing up. Imagine those jars lined up in the pantry with a colorful assortment of canned vegetables and pickled foods – the nostalgia of it all is why we love “preserving” the idea of pickling.

This summer, we’re featuring two pickled items on our menu: pickled onions on our burger and pickled peaches on our summer salad. Our Executive Chef Regan sat down with us and shared her pickled peach recipe for you and your family to try on your own!

Pickled Peaches:

3qts peaches, cut into 1/8ths (approximately 12 cups of fresh peaches)
1qt water
1qt white balsamic vinegar
1qt sugar
2 Tbsp salt
1 tbsp pepper
2 Tbsp pickling spice
Bunch lemon thyme
4 star anise
**Serves a family of 6

Bring everything to the boil except the peaches
Bring liquid to the boil and then simmer for 10 min
Pour over peaches
Cover and refrigerate

Serve & enjoy!

Have fun with this recipe- write it down on a recipe card & pass it along with a basket of peaches for a fun hostess gift. Try the recipe with your kids or grandkids and serve as a side to a summer picnic in your backyard! Here at the Willcox, we like to place our pickled peaches on our summer salad. This summer treat won’t disappoint. We’d love to know how you served your pickled peaches, so get creative and tag us on social media and we’ll share your delicious recipe!

Happy picking and don’t forget to buy your peaches locally like Sarah’s Fresh Market!

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