cans with peach compote made at homeWhen you think of pickling, the South automatically comes to mind. Eggs, Cucumbers, Onions, Vegetables, and Fruit are items that you might have experienced firsthand as your grandmother’s taste tester growing up. Imagine those jars lined up in the pantry with a colorful assortment of canned vegetables and pickled foods – the nostalgia of it all is why we love “preserving” the idea of pickling.

This summer, we’re featuring two pickled items on our menu: pickled onions on our burger and pickled peaches on our summer salad. Our Executive Chef Regan sat down with us and shared her pickled peach recipe for you and your family to try on your own!

Pickled Peaches:

3qts peaches, cut into 1/8ths (approximately 12 cups of fresh peaches)
1qt water
1qt white balsamic vinegar
1qt sugar
2 Tbsp salt
1 tbsp pepper
2 Tbsp pickling spice
Bunch lemon thyme
4 star anise
**Serves a family of 6

Bring everything to the boil except the peaches
Bring liquid to the boil and then simmer for 10 min
Pour over peaches
Cover and refrigerate

Serve & enjoy!

Have fun with this recipe- write it down on a recipe card & pass it along with a basket of peaches for a fun hostess gift. Try the recipe with your kids or grandkids and serve as a side to a summer picnic in your backyard! Here at the Willcox, we like to place our pickled peaches on our summer salad. This summer treat won’t disappoint. We’d love to know how you served your pickled peaches, so get creative and tag us on social media and we’ll share your delicious recipe!

Happy picking and don’t forget to buy your peaches locally like Sarah’s Fresh Market!

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Ernest Hemingway said it best when he claimed, “Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection…”. We sat down with our Restaurant Manager, Matthew Sayer, and received his top 3 list of this summer’s best wines and what they pair especially well with here at the Willcox Restaurant!


1. Barton & Guestier Rose – Provence, France- Light, fruity and sweet, this is a classic Rosé. Bright strawberry fruits are softly linked with a crisp texture and acidity to finish. I would pair this with our spring salad- arugula, blueberries, peppercorn feta, red onion, salted pretzel & balsamic dressing. This will match well because the acidity of the wine will cut through the fatty texture of the peppercorn feta.

2. Villa Maria Private Bin Chardonnay – Hawkes Bay, New Zealand – A medium-bodied Chardonnay with a focus on fruit. Honeydew and citrus flavors take the lead, then finish crisp and clean. This will pair well with the Smoked Cornish Hen. Here’s a fun fact: most chardonnays are aged in oak barrels. The Villa Maria is aged in stainless steel vats so it is very crisp and clean. Coupling this wine with the smoked hen is a play on not being aged in oak barrels, the smokey flavors that linger on your palate really mellows out the chardonnay giving a creamy feel to the wine.

3. Jean-Louis Sparkling Brut – France – This is a sophisticated wine that’s ripe and full bodied. It has acidity that supports the apple and citrus flavors, pairing this wine with the Moses Sleeper Brie. The idea here is that especially fatty and generally salty cheese is cut by the wine’s effervescence, essentially scrubbing your palate clean for more cheese.

Are you as excited as we are to taste Matt’s recommended Summer wines? Now that your wine knowledge has ripened, host a dinner party with dear friends or we’d love for you to come celebrate with us at The Restaurant with a glass of wine! Here are a few interesting facts about our wine offerings:
120 bottles on our wine list
40 offered by the glass, glass prices range from $6 to $25
We serve wine in proper stemware by Reidel
We select esoteric wines that have the flavor and balance of some of the more recognized wineries around the world.

Wine Spectator Award of Excellence

We’re extremely proud to announce we’ve won the 2016 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for the third consecutive year! With our carefully chosen, diverse assortment of wine we have the pleasure of delivering a satisfying experience to all of our Willcox wine lovers. Thanks for continuing to raise a glass and celebrate with us!

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