31 Mar

Crudity station
A selection of fresh vegetables served in individual cups with a ranch dressing
A section of fresh vegetables served with a variety of dipping sauces

Chips and dips station
Sweet potato and potato chips
Roasted corn and bacon, guacamole, French onion

Cheese station
A variety of domestic and international cheeses ranging from creamy brie’s to piquant blues, accompanied with a selection of nuts, fresh and dried fruits, chutneys and or jams, crackers and flatbreads

Antipasto station
Sliced meats, selection of domestic and international cheeses, marinated, roasted, grilled and or pickled vegetables, spreads and accompaniments, olives, crisp breads

The soup and salad station
Spring salad mix and baby spinach served with toppings and dressings
Crusty baguettes with your choice of one of our yummy soups: clam chowder, tomato and basil, creamy chicken and vegetable

Seafood station
Oysters on the half shell, poached shrimp, house smoked sides of salmon, mussels steamed in white wine, garlic, lemon and butter
Served with accompanying sauces and condiments
$17pp++ ($12pp++ without oysters)

Pasta station
Cheese filled shells with a tomato basil sauce, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts
Penne pasta in a creamy Parmesan cream sauce with chicken, mushrooms and spinach

Pasta station – chef attended
Enjoy the dazzle and excitement of our Chef preparing a combination of your favorite pasta dishes right before your eyes.
Three cheese ravioli and penne pasta served with your choice of tomato basil
or Alfredo Sauce
Accompaniments: Red bell peppers, red onion, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, grated Parmesan, blue cheese, country ham, shrimp, grilled chicken

Frites station
Greek frites with feta dipping sauce
Sweet potato frites, candied, jalapeno sriracha lime mayo

Mashed potato station
Creamy mashed potatoes
Accompaniments to include: sour cream, scallions, white cheddar cheese, blue cheese, chives, crispy bacon

Slider station
Minimun order of 20 each
American mini burgers with lettuce, tomato, red onion and cheddar
BBQ Pulled pork slider with fennel and apple slaw
Fried chicken slider, Alabama white sauce, pickles, potato chip

Mexican station
Corn chips with a variety of dips including guacamole and spicy salsa
Warm flour tortillas, lime grilled chicken, ground seasoned beef, pickled jalapeno’s, cheddar, lettuce, Mexican slaw, pico de gallo and sour cream

Asian station
Bamboo steamers set over woks and filled with pot sticker dumplings served with an assortment of dipping sauces.
Spicy bang bang shrimp
Edamame with sea salt

Carvery station
Prime rib chef carved served medium with warm baguettes, horseradish cream and fried onion rings $9pp++
Honey glazed ham chef carved served with honey mustard, fresh baked biscuits and creamy cole slaw $7pp++
Herb roasted pork loin chef carved served with brown sugar and brandy roasted apples and warm rolls $6pp++

Southern Comfort Station
Traditional shrimp and grits-served $9pp++
Fried green tomatoes and okra with pimento cheese dip $7pp++

Candy bar
Create the perfect candy bar with chocolates, sour candy, gummies and more.
The possibilities are endless..
Choice of three $6pp++

Choice of five $8pp++

Choice of seven $10pp++

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
Let us create your favorite ice cream cookie sandwich: Choose a cookie, add a sprinkle, Vanilla Bean ice cream filling

Samples: Rainbow sprinkle chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cup cookie with salted peanut crunch

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