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How was your experience at The Willcox?

As customers, you  are our most important critic and commentator. We value your opinion and want to know what we're doing right, what we could do better, and any other words of wisdom you're willing to pass our way.

We want to know what you think, and we'd like to share your comments with other customers. So go ahead; write down your experience at The Willcox hotel, spa and restaurant. To participate, you must be a Club Willcox member.



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  1. My boyfriend and I were in town on business and had dinner on Sept. 24th and found the Wilcox while dinning at a different restaurant downtown. The service and the food were top notch and we were very pleased. Our only issue is that one on the reasons we were excited to eat there as it was listed as "the most romantic restaurant in Aiken" and the table that we were seated at had us sitting farther away from each other than we ever had! It would have been nice to sit next to each other. If we are ever in town again....we will be back!
  2. My husband and I had the very best weekend in Aiken. The Wilcox is hands down the most special and sweetest Inn. It's so charming and warm. The Wilcox staff are personable, and accommodating, and truly care about their guests needs. The food was delicious!!! Can't wait until our next visit! It's a magical place.
  3. Our first, but definitely not our last, stay at this beautiful hotel.
    Spent a wonderful night in a luxurious hotel room after a gorgeous wedding and reception.
    The food, staff, room, and amenities were superb. Every detail was
    addressed and the service was impeccable.
    Many thanks to everyone at the hotel for making this a memorable wedding.
  4. We had our son's wedding rehearsal dinner at The Willcox Inn on May 30, 2014. Amanda Slayden, the catering director, and the rest of the staff did a superb job. Everyone was very professional, well organized, and very accommodating. The facility and the food were amazing. Amanda Slayden was amazing to work with. From day one of planning this event over nine months ago, she provided great assistance and suggestions that made everything very special. She made me feel comfortable and confident from day one that The Willcox would deliver a wonderful event. And they did. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, I highly recommend The Willcox Inn. Thanks to The Willcox Inn our event was wonderful. Kathryn Hennings
  5. My sister-in-laws Birthday was today and as a treat we went to The Wilcox for lunch. It WAS absolutely wonderful!! Price was great and the food was quite a treat!! Highly recommend this place!! I want to go on my birthday!!! Thank you so much! Service, food and quality!!! Can't say enough good things!!!
  6. have been coming to The Willcox for many years and it is my favorite hotel in the world! i feel like i am at home there. the staff is attentive but not in the way. the food is wonderful. the rooms are elegant, large and well appointed. i would actually like to just live in one of the suites for a few months. and my dog receives the royal treatment!
  7. Fantastic experiences whenever I spend time at The Wilcox. We are so lucky to enjoy The Wilcox here in Aiken. The lobby is great for John Vaughn beautiful piano music, perfect pâté and a welcoming fireplace. Moe and more friends are gathering here.:-*
  8. My wife and I just spent our 2nd honeymoon at the Wilcox, and it was GREAT. The lady at the check-in desk came up to our room and lit the fireplace, so that really put a good mood for us. We have told some friends about how much we enjoyed the stay, and they said they were going to try it out. Keep up the good work.

    Johnny Morris
  9. Thanks to our wonderful 92 year old mother - our family had 6 rooms at the Wilcox for a family wedding. We had amazing expereinces with brunch and jazz night, along with beautiful nights of restful sleeping in your magnificent hotel. Marquette took care of our great breakfasts each morning, Prissella made sure our room was perfect each morning and Monique and Denise - the same with our turn-downs each evening. Marie and Laura always took care of our needs at the front desk with questions, directions, etc.

    Thank you for making our family event extra special with such fond memfories - starting with The Wilcox!
  10. The Willcox is a beautiful “old world” hotel with amazing rooms and service!
  11. The room was perfect and the champange and strawberries were the perfect touch. Dinner that night was outstanding. It was a perfect evening celebrating our anniversary. I can't wait for our next visit!
  12. Thank you so much for the lovely arrangement. Between the beautiful setting, the great weather and the delicious meal, it could not have been nicer. All the ladies seemed to enjoy themselves and Jodie and Mattie were so accommodating. Thank you for making this event a pleasure. From now on I won't even have to think about where to host a luncheon or take a friend out for a special treat!
  13. You have been a WONDERFUL addition to our community. I so look forward to Sunday, knowing that we will be with you for brunch after church and I am delighted to bring our friends and family to eat dinner with you, too. We recently had some time in Hilton Head for a vacation. Usually, we look forward to eating at certain restaurants while we are there. We have gone there for over 20 years, but this time it was different. Each place we ate, we compared to the Willcox and they did not measure up. We are but one couple that loves your food, service and ambiance. I know we speak for many that you may not hear from. Please keep up the good work! Thank you, again, for a wonderful place for us to go in our community. You are a blessing to us.
  14. From the first time I came to Aiken, The Willcox felt like home. It reminded me of my gradmother's lodge on the lake, where I was fortunate enough to spend my summers. With the new updates and interior design, you have elevated this Grand Dame to a most inviting and comforatble space that encourages meet and greet / wine and dine. You have created THE place to relax and refresh! I personally want to thank you for your insite into her "The Willcox" and to your community. You have happily met wishes and beckon us again with your warm welcome.
  15. I love everything about this hotel.
  16. Interestingly, we do have a destination spa in the area. While they don’t bill themselves as such, the Spa at the Willcox actually fits the definition. Housed in the lovely and historic Willcox hotel, the Willcox Spa has the same charm as the hotel’s tasteful guest rooms, with services extensive enough to rival any beachside retreat. You can, in fact, have some of the treatments poolside. My afternoon there yielded a most rejuvenating reflexology treatment, foot massage designed to promote overall wellness and balance (See “Ah...Spa!” page 15). What better way to escape the stresses of everyday life than a quick trip to Aiken, an overnight stay at the Willcox followed by a full regimen of relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments. Afterward maybe a stroll down Laurens Street for some shopping or a quick nine holes at one of the city’s fabled golf courses. The folks at the Willcox can arrange it.
  17. The Spa at the Willcox is a must do! Refresh your face, relax your muscles and look 10 years younger the next day. I got my facial yesterday and today got carded for buying beer by the same clerk that didn't card me last week.
  18. My wife and I moved to Aiken in September 2009, though we had been visiting for a number of years prior to that. We had dinner at The Willcox within a couple of weeks of our move, loved it, and have been back several times since. In fact, we enjoyed meeting Geoffrey at that first visit and learning about our shared Long Island, NY roots.

    My purpose in writing now is to let you know that we visited the restaurant last night, with 2 other couples. It was our first time on a Thursday "Jazz Night". We sat in the lobby area and ordered off the Appetizer menu. We had some difficulty making choices, so we ordered "everything". That strategy worked so well, we repeated it for dessert. Everyone loved every selection. Our waiter, Zack, was terrific. We had met him during a previous visit, and we were very pleased to have him as our server again. The music was wonderful as well. One of the women in our group just called to set up dates for August, September and October, as we've decided to make this a monthly event.
  19. First of all thank you for the Birthday Certificate.

    My husband and I dined at your Restaurant Saturday, April 24th. We were absolutely pleased with the service, the food and the satff. Jodie was our waitress, and she helped make our eveninga more pleasurable.
    It was our first time dining there and we were just amazed how good the food was. The chef did an excellent job. Everything was simple BUT ELEGANT !!!!

    We have recommended alot of our friends to you. It is so nice to know that there is a decent (and inexpensive) restaurant in Aiken for a lovely dining evening. We will definitely return again. Thank you for making my birthday a little extra special.
  20. Saturday night we took friends to the Wilcox and the four of us had wonderful dinners. It is so nice to have a place in town where you are not afraid to bring guests, afraid the food will be terrible! We knew many in the dining room from our country club, so it was like old home week. Yes, the Sullivans will be back for lunch and for dinner.Keep up the good work and do not change the quality of food, as is often done in new restaurants.
  21. Dined today with two other friends. We were celebrating our Nov 25th bithdays. Had wonderful service from Christine and the food was delicious. Returning on the 24th for another birthday celebration but this time for dinner.
  22. Great food and service as always, but even better ... At Steeplechase people were discussing the best pate they have had and several of us chimed in with your pate being so wonderful and super yummy with the cherry preserves! Were your ears burning?
  23. We were in Aiken visiting family for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday. We ate lunch at your restaurant, my crab cakes and salad were delicious! Would you be willing to give me the recipe for the dressing?

    Thanks again for a great lunch!

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