Hot Toddy

16 Jan
Hot Toddy

National Hot Toddy Day

Crackling fires, cozy chairs, close company, and a warm, spiced beverage.  We specialize in creating an experience and ambiance that can be described as high quality meeting easy going elegance. The Lobby Bar is furnished with large sofas and chairs, walls wrapped in curly pine, and is anchored by large stone fireplaces. You’re likely to find people gathering for professional purposes or intimate social gatherings. We know our guests visit us for a multitude of reasons, and we love finding any reason for celebration.

This January we are celebrating National Hot Toddy Day at The Willcox. For those who may not be familiar with what a Hot Toddy is, you are in for a treat. A Hot Toddy is a warm cocktail that originated in the UK, and then has been found throughout history as the cocktail of American Southerners. It is still known as a southern winter staple today.

At The Willcox, we use Bourbon as the base spirit for our Hot Toddy, however, it can be crafted with Whisky or Rum as well. The spirit is poured over a mixture of sweet honey dissolved in hot water.  It is finished with a little bit of fresh lemon juice and a twisted strip of lemon peel garnish.

The Lobby Bar was voted as the area’s best, including the  “Place to See and Be Seen,” during happy hour and home of the “Tastiest Original Cocktail.” Matt is our mixologist and the friendly face that will greet you at our massive, solid oak bar. We invite you to come sit by the fire, order your own Hot Toddy, and relax and enjoy true Southern Hospitality.

Hot Toddy Recipe

Stir honey and hot water in a 2-cup measuring cup until honey dissolves. Add bourbon, and twist a strip of lemon peel over each drink, then add to glass.

  • 2 oz Burbon
  • 1 Tablespoon of Honey
  • 2 Teaspoons Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1/4 Cup of Hot Water

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