Hotel Testimonials

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I have stayed in many luxury hotels all over the world. There is no doubt that The Willcox is offering what “standard” luxury hotels can’t offer … the feeling of being home. —Guest




The Willcox … nestled in the heart of thoroughbred horse country … was a favorite haunt of the Astors, Vanderbilts, Whitneys and Harrimans. Most of the guest accommodations feature high ceilings, fireplaces, period antiques, feather beds and plush baths … Rocking chairs line the front porch … A small exercise room and day spa round out the offerings. —Andrew Harper Hideaway Report “Best of the United States




Guests return to The Willcox, where time slows down to a more relaxed pace- they’ll find a rocking chair for resting their day-trip bones, a guestroom spilling over with modern-day comforts, and a hearty helping of Southern hospitality. —Home & Garden Magazine




The Willcox recalls an age when times were simpler but the pleasures of the season were celebrated with flair. —The Atlanta Journal-Constitution




What I loved most, other than my huge, positively addictive bed, was just going for a walk around that lovely little town and then returning to the hotel. Stepping inside the foyer, every time it took my breath away a little, the high ceilings, the long couches, the beautiful antiques. Like coming back home, to the kind of Southern home I’ve always wanted. The staff remembered my name and what I like to drink from the last time I was here. The food was close to divine. There’s not another place like this. —Guest