Picnics in April

03 Apr
Picnics in April


Not too hot, not too cold.

April in Aiken; the sun is out, and the bright green is back in the leaves and grass. Light breezes blow the Spanish moss as people sweep the last bit of pollen off their front porches. All the neighbors are finding reasons to be outside. Here at The Willcox, we love picnics and have created a special package – a picnic package!

You have the option to bring your own picnic basket, or purchase a Willcox one, and we pack everything for you to take for a romantic outing to Hitchcock Woods, Hopeland Gardens, or the Polo Fields. If you’re a morning person, enjoy coffee and muffins as you watch the sunrise. If you prefer a beautiful sunset, we pack an array of cheeses and wine in your basket.

No matter the occasion or amount of people, the packages are catered and customized however you like; with options that consist of offsite table and linen set-up. The South is known for its hospitable people and a sweet, simple way of life. This Spring, enjoy a relaxing outdoor picnic.

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