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Valentine's Day Menu 2014 PDF Print E-mail

$50 per person; kids' menu available



Choice of ... 

Roasted piquillo peppers filled with olive-poached tuna and marinated white beans

Housemade short-rib raviolo with herbed marscapone and fire-roasted Roma tomatoes

Soft-boiled eggs, grilled asparagus, American speck chip, anchovy mayonnaise

Cave-aged cheddar, walnut and apple salad, baby gem and an aged cider-dijon dressing



Choice of ... 

Chicken kiev, sauteed potatoes, oven-dried tomatoes, fava beans, basil sauce

Spanish-style seafood stew: clams, shrimp and white fish with a saffron aromatic broth and chicpeas

Chateaubriand for two served with green peppercorn sauce, roasted garlic and parmesan potato gratin and brussel sprouts with bacon and balsamic

Forrotto with asaragus, garden peas and morel mushrooms



Choice of ... 

Chocolate stout cake with spiced pumpkin foam, peanut brittle, boozy chocolate ganche

Apple strudel — cinnamon-dusted phyllo pastry, apple and golden raisin icecream, apple compote

Caramel creme brulee with bourbon cream, brown butter and bacon cookie