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FreshMenuEnjoy a quick lunch between meetings or a leisurely lunch with friends. From fresh salads to gourmet burgers and fish of the day, there's something for everyone on The Restaurant lunch menu.

Available daily from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Mystic Melville (America, cow) cranberry preserve, rice crackers ... 11

Shropshire (UK, cow) with quince paste, rice cracker ... 10

Tete de Moine (Switzerland, cow) with heirloom apple and brandy preserve, rice crackers  ... 12

Bucheron (French, goat) with olive oilpoppy seed cake, pear  ... 9

Enjoy all four seasonal cheeses with their accompaniments ... 42


Soups & Salads

Seasonal soup of the day, cup or bowl ... 5/7

Parsnip and pear soup, Roquefort and brown crostini, cup or bowl ... 5/7

Caesar salad, baby gem, parmesan, bacon, garlic croutons, soft boiled egg, white anchovies ... 7/10

Winter salad, kale, roasted squash, walnuts, feta, bourbon barrel-aged honey vinaigrette  ... 7/10

Beet salad, pomegranate-marinated beets, spinach, cranberries, almonds and goat cheese dressing   … 7/10

Add to your salad: house-smoked salmon ... 5    grilled chicken ...5   grilled salmon fillet ... 8




Avocado on toast, poached eggs, chili flake dust ... 7

Beef burger, potato sticks, bread and butter pickles, Alabama white barbecue sauce, fries or slaw ... 12

Smoked pulled chicken sandwich, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, green-hern mayo  ... 8

Bagel and lox board, toasted New York style bagel, lox, cream cheese, red onion, capers, tomato, cucumber ... 14

Southern-style board, little rock cavier, shaved ham, pimento cheese, bread ... 14


Fish and chips, cod, fries, malt vinegar mayo, lemon ... 11

Today’s pasta ... 10

PEI mussels, fennel, garlic herb butter... 9/13

Salmon fillet, white bean puree, parmesan and lemon crispy brussel sprouts, salsa verde           ... 10

Creamy parmesan polenta, roasted winter squash, kale, chestnuts ... 11

Chicken breast, warm toastes sweet potato, peanut and smoked onion jam salad ... 12



Fries ... 3

Creamed spinach ... 5

Simple salad, balsamic dressing ... 5

Seasonal slaw  ... 3