16 Mar

5:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.


Hudson valley camembert (America, sheep and cow), wild blueberry preserve, rice wafer… 10

Blue ledge farm Middlebury blue (America, cow), date roll, toasted oat cracker … 10

Landaff creamery Landaff (American, cow), apple, apple wood smoked cracker  …  12

Puigpedros (Spain, goat), candied walnuts, rice wafer  …  10

Enjoy all four seasonal cheeses with their accompaniments … 42


Today’s soup, cup or bowl … 5/7

Chilled gazpacho … 5/7

queso fresco, avocado, cup or bowl 5/7

Caesar salad … 7/10

baby gem, parmesan, bacon, garlic croutons, soft boiled egg, white anchovies

Baby iceberg salad … 7/10

bulgur wheat, tomato, cucumber, red onion, herbs, feta yogurt sauce

Summer salad …  7/10

peach, pickled green tomato, corn, arugula, basil, white balsamic vinaigrette

Fire roasted tomato, basil and mozzarella ravioli … 12

red pepper, orange, arugula, sweet balsamic

Shaved filet crudo … 10

vegetable medley, bagna cauda

Ricotta dumpling … 11

shaved asparagus, pea tendrils

PEI mussels … 9/13

sweet baby bell peppers, roasted tomato and fennel sauce, grilled bread

Add to your salad: house-smoked salmon … 5 grilled chicken … 5 grilled salmon fillet …10 grilled shrimp … 10



Today’s fish  …  AQ 

Scallops, crispy polenta, cherry tomato, peach, blistered red onion, chimichurri … 26

Salmon fillet, warm salad of new potato, green beans, artichoke, sweet basil, prosciutto vinaigrette … 22

Today’s pasta …. 16

Ramen noodle bowl, shiitake broth, bok choy, snow pea, bean sprouts, scallion, shiitake mushroom, cilantro, chili … 16

Roasted Chicken breast, rice corn porridge, country ham, fresh mozzarella, pine nuts, poached egg … 20

Pork chop, black beans, jicama and mango slaw, citrus mojo … 22

Beef burger, lettuce, diced onions, American cheese, b&b pickles, comeback sauce, fries or slaw … 12

6 oz fillet mignon, broccolini, edamame, snow peas, green onion, oyster mushroom, Chinese black bean sauce … 27

10 oz NY strip steak, zucchini noodles, lemon, chilli, green tomatoes, creamy green olives, oregano ricotta … 27

Today’s butcher cut … AQ


all sides 5 dollars each

Seasonal slaw | Simple salad | French fries, malt vinegar mayo | Creamed spinach | Stir fried bok choy and snow pea, chinese black bean sauce

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