16 Mar

5:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.


Sweet grass dairy grill hill camembert, (America, cow), cranberry balsamic jam, cranberry pumpkin seed crisps … 14

Great hill farm blue, (America, cow), pear, honey and ginger preserve, pecan and honey nut cracker… 11

Ewephoria gouda, (The Netherlands, Sheep), butter toffee nuts, baguette crisps … 11

Vita mundo (Denmark, goat), candied grapes, rice wafer thins  … 12

Enjoy all four seasonal cheeses with their accompaniments … 48


Today’s soup, cup or bowl … 5/7

Ham, kale, and lentil soup, cup or bowl … 5/7

Caesar, baby gem, parmesan, bacon, garlic croutons, soft boiled egg, white anchovies … 7/10

Grilled marinated bell pepper salad, buttermilk blue, spinach, kalamata olives, herb vinaigrette … 7/10

Fall salad, roasted butternut squash, beets, fennel and red onion, pomegranate, feta, kale, apple cider honey mustard vinaigrette … 7/10

Add to your salad: house smoked salmon 5, grilled chicken 5, grilled salmon fillet 11, grilled shrimp 10 

Confit duck carbonara, tagliatelle, bacon, garlic, parmesan, duck egg … 14

Lump crab cake, tamarind sauce, herb and sprout salad … 22

Roasted garlic and paprika cauliflower, romesco sauce ..8

Sake PEI mussels, white miso ginger broth, green onion … 9/13


Today’s fish  …  AQ 

Scallops, potato and onion pierogi, wilted radicchio, apple, tarragon créme fraiche … 26

Salmon fillet, broccoli, pork gyoza, peanuts, Szechuan sauce … 23

Today’s pasta …. 16

Risotto cacio e Pepe, parmesan and cracked black pepper, basil oil, tomato preserve … 10

Puffed quinoa and cashew nut crusted chicken, parsnip mash, wilted kale, lemon thyme brown butter … 21

Pork chop, sweet bell peppers, hot peppers, sweet Italian sausage, potato, broccoli rabe … 23

Beef burger, lettuce, diced onions, American cheese, b&b pickles, comeback sauce, fries … 12

6 oz fillet mignon, nam Jim, brussel sprouts Nam Jim, bean sprouts, cilantro, scallion butter … 27

10 oz NY strip steak, pomme paillasson bacon frits, large leaf arugula, bordelaise sauce … 27

Today’s butcher cut … AQ


all sides 5 dollars each

Sauteed spinach | Simple salad | French fries, malt vinegar mayo | Creamed spinach | Broccoli tempura, ponzu aioli

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