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Journey to Fitness  $150
Meet with a personal trainer to do a fitness evaluation, set goals and create an easy to follow fitness regime followed by a Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy. This wrap promotes skin nourishment while drawing out the impurities and providing all over toning.

Yogi  $170
Private yoga class followed by a Deep Thermal Therapy with Thermal Stamp treatment. This treatment utilizes a unique fabric stamp filled with skin benefiting ingredients and the power of heat to detoxify, remineralise, de-stress, exfoliate and relax.

Body Firming  $110
In-gym personal training session followed by a Willcox Signature Massage to relax tired muscles.

Boot Camp  $110 
Hard core workout utilizing indoor and outdoor equipment followed by a Deep Tissue Massage targeting tired muscles that need it most.


Personal Trainer
One hour  $40 per class
Series of 10 sessions for $380

Private Yoga Classes
One hour  $40 per class
Series of 10 sessions for $380